If you are looking for any help in repairing or maintaining your vessel, we can help. We understand that you are busy and managing trades to come to your boat or moving your boat to slipways can be time-consuming.

Over the years we have built relationships with trades throughout NSW and beyond that take pride in their care for your boat. Not every business will value cleanliness and carefulness on your precious boat but the ones we work with do.


Regardless of the location of your vessel, we can help arrange antifouling. We understand it can be time consuming to drop off and pick up your boat. We can help with the logistics of making it all come together.


We have several usual mechanics that we use depending on the location and specific engines of your vessel. Many of our mechanics will travel to your vessel or to the marina which we are arranging an antifoul already.


Whether you need a quick clean before taking family and friends out on a weekend or if you are looking for a more permanent regular service. We can assist with finding the right detailers to make sure your boat is looking its best. Both exterior and interior cleaning and tidying can be arranged.


It is important to know that when an accident or the unexpected happens, you have the right people to help manage that situation.

We have had a helping hand in many insurance repairs over the years. We have worked closely with Anchorage Marine over the years and have found them excellent to deal with when it comes to insuring your vessel.

They have many years of experience and the team are experienced boaties themselves. It is always nice to know that they, really understand what is going on and what is required when it comes to boating.

If you are just purchasing a boat or if you just want to see how quotes compare, let us know and we can assist with arranging a quote for your vessel today.

Rope Splicing

We can offer custom rope splicing. we can come to your home or marina and set up your current berthing ropes to perfectly suit your boat. If the ropes fit perfectly without a need for tying up, the stress of berthing is dramatically reduced. We can also create custom bridles for your vessel.


Boat finance can be difficult to obtain when dealing directly with the big banks, they can take months and often struggle to ascertain a reasonable value. With years of experience, we have fostered a great relationship with X Finance Brokers who offer great customer service along with tested lenders that can accommodate vessel finance. Whether you have a simple or complex financial structure, the boat is new or used, enquire and we can assist in getting you some prompt advice.

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