Hailed as a true classic, the all new 460 by Island Gypsy Yachts is prized for its sharp modern lines, seaworthy semi-displacement hull, generous deck space and social layout.

Blending the allure of the classic lines of a ‘down east’ style cruiser with advanced engineering and unique “Python Drive” technology which results in close to silent cruising, the Island Gypsy 460 builds on the seaworthiness and seafaring spirit of this iconic brand.

The Island Gypsy range are sedan style motor yachts spanning 40 to 50-feet will have broad appeal for their inventory of features and capacity for customisation. Design features include generous social spaces, full walk-around decks for ease of access and safety, helm side entry door, open plan living, smooth ride, fuel efficiency, low maintenance.

With its proven planing hull, narrow entry easing into a soft chine, the hull will deliver comfort and stability in all sea states.

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